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Does the food we eat effect our genes?

The answer is Yes.   Our genes respond to environmental influences, one of which is nutrition.   Nutrigenomics explores the relationship between diet, nutrition and our gene expression.  

Moreover, we are all unique. A healthy food or diet for one individual may not be healthy for another.  


 With personalized nutrition, you can discover which foods are right for you, specific to your own unique genes.  


Begin to heal chronic inflammation, allergies, anxiety and so much more through nutigenomics.  

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With a simple salivia sample we can begin to unlock your genetic code. 

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Val Prisecaru, MS, CN

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Val Prisecaru received BS and MS degrees in Food Science and Human Nutrition studying macronutrients, oncology, glycomics, lectins, as well as rapid near-infrared imaging techniques, with applications in microbiology, immunology, glycomics, and physiology. Val has over 24 years of clinical and business experience. He has written many publications and has been an invited speaker at numerous presentations. He currently resides in central Illinois with his wife Renee and their three children.

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Jim Painter PhD RD

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Dr. Jim Painter is a Professor of Nutrition specializing in heart disease and mindless eating. Jim has served on the American Heart Association’s Healthier Diet Business Committee and is the Nutrition Advisor for Sugarwise.

Jim has over 100 peer-reviewed publications, has given hundreds pf presentations and lectures all over the world, and has written Let’s Eat Mindfully!

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Michael Breen, MD

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Dr. Michael Breen obtained his MD degree from the Albert Einstein Medical College in Bronx, NY. Dr Breen has been a physician and TV news correspondent for over 20 years. He was a Television Medical Anchor/Reporter at WBBM-TV News in Chicago, IL. He has had clients including Stryker Corp., Zimmer Corp., Conceptus Corp., United Health Group, Alexian Brothers Medical Center, and Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

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