Plans & Pricing

Atlas Genetics is proud to offer the first “multi-omics” precision health club service that incorporates nutrigenomics, epigenetics, microbiome, blood type, discount supplements, discount blood labs, and a variety of other methods and therapies at a low cost to our members, and with no exclusions for preexisting conditions. Customized nutrition recommendations are based on genetic variants and algorithms, biometric measurements, microbiome testing, recent labs, as well as current vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, and other supplements.

  • Solo Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for Beginners and Seasoned Health Veterans Alike
    • 30 min initial consultation. $175 billed separate
    • 30 min follow up consultation. $175 billed separate
    • On-Call Precision Health Coaching
    • Discount Blood Labs and Other Tests
    • Discount Deep Dives
    • Discount Microbiome Testing
    • Discount Epigenetic Testing and Analysis
    • Must be enrolled for a minimum of 4 months
  • Family Plan

    Every month
    Up to 4 family members
    • Intitial Consultation. $395 billed separate up to 4 members
    • Follow up Consultation. $395 billed separate up to 4 members
    • Discounts on Epigenetic Testing and Analysis
    • Family Planning
    • On-Call Precision Health Coaching
    • Discounted Deep Dives for all your family members.
    • Discounts on Blood Labs and Other Lab Tests
    • Minimum of 4 months
  • Free Consultation

    Discover how genetic coacing can improve your health
    Free Plan
    • Free 15 minute consultation with one of our experts


Membership has it perks.  Premium Members enjoy significant discounts on all of our multi-omics health coaching services, discounts on supplements, access to private social media pages (including Facebook) / private webinars / seminars, as well as limited “oncall” access to our health coaches.